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  • AB5n

    Abstract Collection Lost Wax Cast Antique Bronze Necklace

  • AB7rb-3

    Abstract Collection Lost Wax Cast Antique Bronze Rockband Bracelet

  • AB6e

    Abstract Collection Lost Wax Cast Antique Bronze Earrings

  • LG643cf

    Gunmetal Solid Brass Leopard Graduated Cuff

  • EQO955nOP

    Olive Patina Solid Brass Riding Boots with Horseshoe Necklace - Olive...

  • EQO955n

    Olive Patina Solid Brass Riding Boots with Horseshoe Necklace - Bronze...


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About Collectible Artwear

Elaine Coyne's Artist Statement

As a young child I was taken to the Statue of Liberty as a daily outing. I was curious about the patina effects; they were brilliant and natural. That stimulation and inspiration is the origin of my affinity and obsession with one of a kind patina jewelry. To this day I am fascinated with the one of a kind effects that make the basis of our patina jewelry. 

Although I am known for these effects, our limited edition plated pieces on solid brass embellished with Swarovski crystals has developed into a brand new dressier version of Elaine Coyne collectible art jewelry. 

Our most valuable and therefore, prized aspect of Elaine Coyne collectibleartwear jewelry is our lost wax cast collections. These reign supreme in our body of work. Why? The seven step process developed by the Egyptians in the 7th century BC is just the beginning of the technological process to make the elements of our lost wax cast collections.  The richness of the patina far exceeds our expectations on cast bronze. It is our most valuable part of the Elaine Coyne collections except for the cast sterling silver that is the most limited part of our body of work. 

Our studio started in 1976 and we always do work that is spiritual in essence and touches the hearts of millions. Our reference is always a thin line between current fashion and art history. This has been and  always will be my forte. I thank the world for this opportunity which has become my life.