Nature motifs: All Elaine Coyne Galleries Artwear Items are handcrafted in the USA and come with our exclusive designer velvet pouch, artist bio and our commitment to you.

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  • Brand New Nature

    All the Brand New Nature pieces are listed here.  Pieces you may

    have not seen yet.  As well as our all time Best Sellers.

    Nature concepts are typically one of the hottest selling part

    of our line.

  • Dragonflies, Butterflies

    One of our largest Nature Collections is the Dragonflies and Butterflies.  This is due

    to popularity!  These pieces continually sell out.  We keep the new designs coming

    and your customers love them!  We bring our newest Zen Dragonfly as our jewelry

    spirit of life in those momentsof quiet simplicity that await us at dawn and late

    into the evening when we are aloneand allow our quiet simplicity to wash over us.

    Our Zen Dragonfly Collection is flying out at the speed of a firefly

  • Nature Crystals

    Nature and Crystals by Elaine Coyne.  We do them in all finishes

    including antique gold shown here.  All of our crystals are by Swarovski.

    We are full Swarovski Elements sponsors.  You will love this collection!

  • Florals

    Floral Motifs by Elaine Coyne.  Elaine designs floral motifs in earrings,

    necklaces, cuffs and rockband bracelets.  Semi-Precious stones,

    Crystals, or plain sculptural patinas and exotic finishes.

  • Frogs & Turtles

    Frogs and Turtles by Elaine Coyne. An absolute favorite collection!

  • Geometry of the Flower
  • Gold-Washed Nature

    Antique Godl Washed Patina is a new finish for Elaine Coyne.

    It comes sealed in Acrylic.

  • Hair Ornaments
  • Leaves

    Our Leaves Collection designed by Elaine Coyne is a wonderful reorder line,

    especially for botanical gardens. Give us a call if you would like suggestions

    on best sellers: 770-424-0403

  • Nature / Crystals

    Nature and Crystals by Elaine Coyne. We do them in all finishes including

    antique gold shown here. All of our crystals are by Swarovski. We are

    official Swarovski Elements sponsors. You will love this collection!

  • Nature Cuffs

    Our cuffs just sell and sell and sell. In this nature group, pay particular attention to the Rockbands.

    These pieces that come with leather, chain or beaded closures are fast overtaking our cuffs in sales.

    Either way, you can't go wrong.

  • Nature Pins

    An exquisite collection of Nature themed pins from the design studio of Elaine Coyne

  • Nature / Semi-Precious...

    Nature themes are one of Elaine Coyne's favorite design areas. And she loves working

    with Garnets, Amethyst, Carnelian, Turquoise and a host of other semi-precious stones.

    The stones pick up and reflect the variations in the patinas and exotic finishes.

  • Nature in White Patina...

    This White Patina finish is a special finish designed by Elaine Coyne

    for Collectible Artwear.  It is sealed in Acrylic.

  • New Woodlands

    Woodlands, an interesting collection from the design studio of Elaine Coyne.

    Here she gets into wildlife from the truly wild parts of nature: buffalo, moose,

    humming birds, exotic plantlife that grows in the wild.

  • Rings

    New Nature Motif Rings from Elaine Coyne Galleries. Available as

    Adjustable or in sizes 6 - 9. The best selling size has been "Adjustable".

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items